“So much of painting is prefaced with thinking, letting the mind wander over things, and yet you cannot control what you return to, what your eye is drawn to, or what your unconscious offers up.”
– Nancy Cadogan

Nancy Cadogan is a British figurative painter living in the UK. She has been exhibiting her work globally since 2004 with shows in London, New York, Rome, Oslo and Miami. Cadogan paints from imagination and observation to explore themes of literature, time, and still moments. Her paintings invite the viewer to share her joyful appreciation of contemplative observation.

Her 2019 solo Saatchi exhibition ‘Mind Zero’ marked a bold new direction for the artist and the painting of interior and exterior worlds were described by the Evening Standard as ‘heaven on a canvas.’ ‘Footnotes’, Nancy’s follow-up exhibition for The British Art Fair, continued the artist’s bold new direction.

In 2020, The Keats-Shelley House Museum commissioned Cadogan’s first institutional show, Gusto. The artist’s paintings, steeped in poetic research were exhibited in Rome and celebrated the 200 year anniversary of the life and legacy of the poet.

Cadogan has collaborated with The Land Gardener’s for their latest book ‘Soil to Table’ which pairs her paintings with recipes from chef Lulu Cox. These paintings, from her body of work ‘All the Good Things,’ celebrate our relationship with nature, food and the landscape around us and draw attention to the important link between the health of our soils and the food we eat.

Nancy’s latest project, ‘The Lost Trees’, explores our relationship with trees, time, and the natural world. She is examining what it means to make paintings within the conversation of sustainability and was invited to the Paris Green Week held at the British Ambassador’s Residence for a live painting performance, and a Q and A with the Government Art Collection.