All The Good Things

The Cadogan Hotel, 13th to 31 October 2021
All The Good Things is a collection of works created in collaboration with The Land Gardener’s. The 12 oil paintings, which were exhibited throughout The Cadogan Hotel’s hallway and lobby, reflect Nancy’s response to a heightened awareness of the natural world, a new way of living following the global pandemic. Nancy says, ‘These paintings reflect on ways to live, finding the quiet and relishing in moments when we are surrounded by nature.’ Glass Magazine described the acclaimed series
as ‘brimming with the vibrancy of Matisse and the depth of Jan Van Eyck. The ease of Cadogan’s subjects have a profound effect on the viewer—you immediately feel unintimidated and welcomed into the artist’s tranquil world.’ The paintings have been published in a book launched in April 2022 ‘Soil To Table.
The collaboration explores our relationship with nature, food and the landscape around us through pairing the works with recipes by Lulu Cox,

Soil To Table Book | Press