What We See

Gillian Jason Gallery, London, 2020

In July 2020 the Gillian Jason Gallery was delighted to announce the opening of their new exhibition, What We See. The exhibition showcases eight internationally recognised emerging female artists working at the heart of the art world today. Exploring identity with sometimes painfully acute observation, each artist delves into what it means to be who we are in the eyes of someone else.

The 3D virtual reality space created by architect Emily Rose Garnett showcases the work. The space is designed to play with structure, symmetry and light. The rhythm and order of the beams creates an architecturally interesting space whilst the simplicity of the walls at eye level keep the focus of attention on the artwork. There are three distinct zones in the space, the main gallery, the mezzanine and the dark room. These diverse characteristics allow for different experiences and modes of presentation. The gallery is designed to have a spacious and bright atmosphere, with natural light streaming down from the elevated openings above. Each visitor is able to drop into the gallery and navigate around it allowing them to see the artworks, read about the artists and watch artist interviews. Visit the exhibition using the link below.

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